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Time Management

Business Management Daily provides time management training that can help you and your office operate more efficiently

We report on time management skills that can dramatically cut down on wasted time during work hours. These techniques will help you get more done at work – and get you home on time.

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Here’s one podcast worth listening to
Keep tasks from falling through the cracks with a master activity list.
For those who want to be extraordinary at work, here’s a secret: Simply discover three things that you’re very good at, attributes that rank you in the top 25% of people.

Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon University professor who died of cancer in July at age 47, earned a devout following after delivering his “last lecture” in 2007. He later gave another lecture, this one specifically about time management. Here are a few of his simple, yet powerful tips ...

Resolve to make 2008 the year you successfully manage your schedule. Here are five tips from time management expert Patricia Hutchings: 1. Start by keeping a time log ...

Employees at Choice Hotels International's headquarters in Silver Spring, Md., can take advantage of the company's Learning Center, a high-tech training facility that offers about 50 classes a year in computer and supervisory skills, time management, communication, writing and decision making ...


When you rattle off your employee benefit offerings to prospective employees, what raises their eyebrows? It's probably not the basics: People have come to expect health/life/dental, 401(k), etc. What really catches a prospect's attention are the creative perks that prove your organization has their interests in mind ...

Could your employees benefit from work skills training, but you're operating on a limited training budget? The state's Labor Department, through its Pennsylvania Career Link offices, may provide a solution ...

Is your organization reaping the full financial benefits from its employee assistance program (EAP)? If employees aren’t using it, the answer is probably “no” ...

White Paper published by The HR Specialist, copyright 2007 ______________________ Job descriptions are the cornerstone of communication between you and your staff. After all, it’s hard for supervisors to measure job effectiveness during performance reviews unless you and the employee both know what you expect. Also, carefully drafted job descriptions can be useful tools in [...]
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