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Payroll Management

Ineffective payroll management and shoddy payroll systems can result in personal liability (including JAIL TIME) for non-compliance.

Business Management Daily helps our readers with information on payroll processing and tips on timesheets that will help you to implement payroll programs that pay off.

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More than 10 million people a year fall victim to identity thieves—and some of them work for you. It could take up to 600 hours to undo the damage caused by identity theft. And those hours are usually workday hours. That’s why more organizations are beginning to offer identity-theft protections ...

The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, record-keeping, and child labor standards for employees. It also defines the differences between exempt and non-exempt workers, and lays out the guidance needed to classify jobs correctly, and pay for hours worked completely.

Q. Our policy provides employees with five days of paid sick leave each year. If workers do not use all this time off, are we required to pay them for that time or roll it over to the next year? ...

Q. An employee recently told us he has a drug problem and would like to take several weeks off to participate in a rehabilitation program. May we deny his request? ...

High gas prices and worries over job security have convinced more employees to take their vacations in short spurts this summer—a trend that might not be so good for your organization.

If your organization has a strict attendance policy, you naturally want to make sure you don’t miscount FMLA absences in the tally, or you risk an interference-with-leave lawsuit. But how are you supposed to know whether an absence is for an FMLA reason? If the employee never gives a reason for an absence or simply says he or she is sick, that’s not enough to require further inquiry on your part ...

A reader of our e-mail newsletter, HR Weekly, recently posed this question:  “We allow employees to take paid time off (PTO) in hourly increments, but they often use PTO when running late in the morning or for unexpected ‘appointments.’ How can we get a rein on our PTO leave?”

Q. We have an employee who insists that he is entitled to take off a full eight-hour day with pay to donate blood. What is the law in Georgia regarding an employee’s right to take paid leave for this purpose?

The U.S. Labor Department allows you to run FMLA leave concurrently with other paid time off. That’s your decision to make, not the employee’s. The result: no more than 12 weeks off. The same is true even if the employee never provides you with medical certification of a serious health condition ...

For the first time in five years, HR pros who handle benefits are saying that employee retention is an even more important goal than cost control. The key to keeping good employees in your organization: Make sure they know the dollar value of their benefits packages ...

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