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Payroll Management

Ineffective payroll management and shoddy payroll systems can result in personal liability (including JAIL TIME) for non-compliance.

Business Management Daily helps our readers with information on payroll processing and tips on timesheets that will help you to implement payroll programs that pay off.

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Daimler Financial Services in Farmington Hills, Mich., not only gives its employees an extra paid day off every year so they can do volunteer work but also helps them find charities in need of help.

The U.S. Labor Department is set to implement the first major revision of the FMLA since the law was passed in 1993. If approved, the proposed changes could help employers administer the complex 15-year-old law and avoid lawsuits. But the proposal carries a few extra burdens for employers, too.

On-site scuba lessons, desks on wheels, employee shopping sprees and unlimited time off are just a few of the ways innovative employers recruit, reward, retain and refresh workers. See if any of these best practices—some simple, some extravagant—inspire you to take a fresh look at your company’s perks.

Your organization’s employees no doubt believe they’re entitled to take all the vacation days they earn. So why do they leave so many on the table? A new survey from travel site Expedia says 92% of employees embrace their rights to take their vacations, yet one of every three is “vacation deprived” ...

All indicators point to record voter turnout on Election Day, Nov. 4. Chances are, some (if not all) of your employees will want to take part of the day off to cast their ballots. No federal law requires employers to grant voting leave, but most states have laws that do. Here's a state-by-state rundown of those laws to help you comply.

Q. I understand that the state of California has a program that offers benefits to employees who require a leave of absence to care for a seriously ill child, spouse, parent or domestic partner. How does this program work? ...

Keeping morale high is easier when you have a couple of extraordinary perks.
Q. Are we obligated to pay employees for the time they take off to vote? ...
Q. An employee who has used all his paid time off has asked for a leave of absence to attend the Republican National Convention. He is a delegate. Are we required to grant the leave? ...
As many of our readers are aware, November’s ballot will probably contain a referendum asking Ohio voters to approve the Ohio Healthy Families Act. The proposed legislation would require Ohio employers to provide seven days of paid sick leave annually for most employees. Employers had better be forewarned and forearmed in the event the proposal becomes law ...
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