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Here's your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.
Just how far does Payroll have to go to accommodate an employee or job applicant’s religious beliefs under Title VII, the federal antidiscrimination law?
Pulling a group of people to­­gether at the last minute (something all managers run into from time to time) presents a number of challenges.
Last fall, the IRS launched a new pilot program, called the Early Interaction Initiative. This initiative is designed to help employers catch up on their payment and reporting responsibilities.
Here is a form you can use when employees request a corrected or reissued W2.

To figure out whether your goals are best served by a meeting, look at the alternatives. Can the work be accomplished other ways? Do you have clear goals for the meeting? Will the right people be there? Are you prepared?

Here’s a new worry for employers: “Ghost” employees who receive paychecks and benefits but never actually show up for work.
Productivity consultant David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, describes what he calls “the strategic value of clear space.”
Many workplaces have their share of part-time employees. And many managers view those folks as “different” from the full-time staff.
If you don’t feel like you have enough time in the day, it may be because you are using your time unwisely—not because you have an unrealistic workload. Break the following habits and you’ll become much more productive.
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