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Contain runaway envy

by on October 1, 1997 11:00am
in Office Management

Admit it—you get jealous sometimes. You see a co-worker who possesses a strength you lack, and you wish you had the same ability.

No more procrastinating

by on October 1, 1997 10:30am
in Office Management

Tempted to put off unpleasant work? Don’t allow yourself that luxury.

What to say when …

by on October 1, 1997 10:30am
in Office Management

Your boss plays ‘amnesia’ and claims ignorance of a past instruction.
You already know not to judge people based on their accent, skin color, gender and so on.
You probably like to review lots of information before you make an important business decision. But how do you know when you’ve accumulated enough data to issue a final ruling?
Employers must ask new hires for documents verifying their employment eligibility.
When working at a computer, you only blink one-third as often as you do pursuing other activities.
Leading a team meeting? The worst way to start off is to ask everyone to introduce themselves and include their titles.
The number of employees who work from home is fast approaching the number of home-based self-employed.

Managing a micromanager

by on September 1, 1997 3:30pm
in Office Management

I’m a VP at a small firm. The president and COO is a micromanager. But it is not that he micromanages me—he triangulates (i.e., he goes to others below me, my direct subordinates) and has them do things for him.
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