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You can ask your staffers to do something, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do it
Change never lets up. And convincing your staff to embrace constant change keeps getting tougher.
When you’re making deals, what you say doesn’t matter as much as what you see and hear.
Years ago, as a smartass newcomer to the corporate world, my favorite joke was defining a manager as the person who sees visitors so everyone else can get the work done.
Laura learned that one of her employees had said, “Laura is really screwing us. She’s a liar. Let’s go over her head.”
Every day, 2.2 million e-mails get sent. Many of them never get read.
Q. I’ve just taken a new job. My employer made lots of promises. The job isn’t great but if all these promises come true, I’ll be happier. What can I do to hold my boss accountable?
You know the rules and you try to obey them. But company policies and procedures can sometimes suffocate your team.
You dread going to work. The problem isn’t your job, which you love. And you’re blessed with a great staff. But your boss makes you miserable.
Every 18 seconds someone is injured at work, says the American Red Cross. So be prepared.
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