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You have a favorite table in the company cafeteria. Your boss likes the view from a certain window. Your employees clamor for more elbow room in their cubicles.

What to say when …

by on November 1, 1997 4:00pm
in Office Management

You’re trying to persuade a reluctant staffer to accept an assignment.
In June 1978 Ken Langone and two partners launched Home Depot. Today, they’ve built a retail empire.
An informal survey of Working Smart readers indicates that even the hardest workers with the best attitudes get tripped up by two poor work habits.
Going against the boss is never easy, but in rare circumstances it’s necessary.

Keep a pad handy

by on November 1, 1997 3:30pm
in Office Management

Always keep a pocket-size note pad nearby, even when you’re on the go.

Opinions that count

by on November 1, 1997 3:30pm
in Office Management

When asked for your opinion, don’t ramble. Instead, summarize your view in one sentence.
Even if a co-worker says he’s absolutely positive that he’s right, don’t accept such assurances blindly.
In theory, beepers, cellular phones and laptops with modems help you stay in touch with your customers and coworkers.
One of the most common mistakes that new managers make involves how they coach their staff.
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