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It’s easy to laugh at a boss’s mistakes. But don’t be so quick to assume you could do a better job.
As you start to dicker over numbers, mention how you’ve sealed similar deals.
There are six million illegal immigrants in the United States and tough federal sanctions against businesses that hire them. But your business can benefit from federal immigration law by taking advantage ...
You were the only member of a team not recognized for the team's achievement.  What to do?
In staff meetings, go around the room and ask each participant, “What are the top three things you’re working on this week?"
You’re prowling the job market for leads, but you’re not ready to tell your current employer that you’re thinking of leaving. Here’s how to proceed.
An aggressive boss asks you to explain a “screw-up” or justify your “bad judgment.” Don’t rush to defend yourself.
Be fair, open and consistent.
Many readers tell us they’re spending more time managing diverse teams.
When you can’t afford outside training or fear it would be a waste, train in-house.
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