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One of the most common mistakes that new managers make involves how they coach their staff.
Ron, a new supervisor, concluded that Sam was a terrible employee. Unable to fire Sam—a well-liked worker with more than 25 years at the firm—Ron felt stuck.
Even if a co-worker says he’s absolutely positive that he’s right, don’t accept such assurances blindly.
In theory, beepers, cellular phones and laptops with modems help you stay in touch with your customers and coworkers.
Like successful politicians, hard-charging managers curry favor by maintaining good relations with each of their constituencies.
Here’s a smart way to get ahead: Champion the cause of a hardworking, unheralded support staffer.
When you learn that a co-worker’s leaving your organization, don’t just shake hands and wish them well. Take them to lunch.
Sometimes bosses are seen as power-hungry monsters.

So, what do you do?

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