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If you’re trying to win over a reluctant person, don’t tiptoe around the issue at hand: Confront it head-on.

Interrupt the pecking order

by on December 1, 1997 12:00pm
in Office Management

I’m tired of people who interrupt me constantly, especially the top brass who can get away with it because they’re higher in the pecking order.
After one year in her new job, Mary was ostracized by her bosses. They ignored her memos, gave the best assignments to others and didn’t invite her to staff meetings.
I know many people who run successful companies, but when they enter a room, you just wince. They’re so full of BS that you don’t believe a word they say.
Top managers do not take their words lightly. They understand that even the most casual of remarks can either enhance their standing or harm it.

Short on time?

by on December 1, 1997 11:30am
in Office Management

Make the most of Friday afternoons, especially during the holiday season.
When choosing color combinations for your next brochure or flier, choose black type on a yellow background.
Even if you’re not a professional trainer, you may have to stand in front of a group of employees on occasion and teach them a new skill.
Ask employees what they want in a great boss, and they’ll emphasize fairness. A leader who demonstrates balance and objectivity earns the respect of the troops.

What to say when …

by on December 1, 1997 11:30am
in Office Management

You inform your staff that a disgruntled employee has quit.
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