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Earn customers’ loyalty by rescuing them from “the runaround.”

Put hot new business trends to the test by asking people to describe the benefits they receive from the latest business idea.
Test the value of your training programs by asking trainees what actions they’ve taken because of what they learned.
Beat dips in your productivity by bringing in people with enthusiasm
Most of our workspaces are homely, not homey. But we spend more of our waking hours at work than at home, and workplace design has been shown to influence performance and productivity. Here's advice from the experts:
You might think affordable—or free—training is hard to come by. Not so, says Linda Newell, director of learning and development for Denverbased Policy Studies Inc.
Identifying and monitoring key data from within your company can net you valuable dividends: You gain the ability to spot problems early on, and you have time to respond when a snag occurs.
In a perfect world, we’d dish out compliments more freely than sprinkles on a kid’s ice cream cone.
Somewhere in nearly every book on time manage­ment you'll find this commandment: "Plan your work—then work your plan." This is great advice, and anyone who takes it to heart will get the right things done at the right time. For managers, however, this can be difficult advice to follow.
Used judiciously, instant messaging (IM) allows your business to cut down on long distance charges, conduct real-time interaction with clients, and host chats and conferences with vendors. But used without guidelines, it can hamper productivity, embarrass you and even jeopardize your company’s trade secrets.
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