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When workers lose their composure, they often rail against their colleagues or the company.
As tension mounts, avoid big, gulping breaths or choppy, high-speed breaths.
You want more allies at work, but you’re not a natural at making friends. Perhaps you’re too quiet, prickly or blunt.
Have remaining employees change their passwords.
You give a great speech, only to fall apart during the Q&A. Unscripted interplay may cause you to stutter, misspeak and repeat yourself.
In the first few minutes of a meeting, everyone’s attentive. But as tough issues arise, participants might bicker, form cliques and ignore the facilitator.
The company’s owners won’t OK raises for deserving employees.

Master a two-faced boss

by on October 1, 2001 8:30am
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When my boss drops in on my staff meetings, he’s Mr. Understanding. But when he gets me alone, he’ll yell and call me names for “screwing up.”
I’m an interim manager for one year, and I want to be more than a caretaker. How can I make an immediate impact on my staff of 10?
To protect employee exemptions from overtime, make sure your sick leave policy defines which classifications would not be subject to pay deductions. In 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court said employees ...