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5 ways to rise above and beyond the expected

Open yourself to new ideas by telling friends and colleagues about your next big project
Those who show little respect for other people’s time rarely distinguish themselves as positive leaders, even if they occupy positions of authority. To make sure you show that respect, review your skills in these three key areas:
The meetings you attend won't always be as productive as those you lead yourself, but there are things you can do to make the outcome of less-than-optimally organized meetings worthwhile.
Earlier this month, coffee giant Starbucks Corp. was forced to withdraw an employee discount for a free iced coffee at its shops in the southeastern United States after things got out of hand.
Avoid that overwhelmed feeling by noting all incoming new tasks in just one place
Do you sometimes doubt your “street cred” as a leader? If so, buck up. You can’t possibly be as bad as these corkers, who won a “bad boss” contest sponsored by the AFL-CIO-affiliate Working America:
Wilbur and Orville Wright shunned guesswork so much that they always started with information-gathering and followed it with a discussion of these questions:

Earn customers’ loyalty by rescuing them from “the runaround.”

Test the value of your training programs by asking trainees what actions they’ve taken because of what they learned.
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