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Capitalize on meetings with top officials by choosing your comments carefully.
Your career can stall if you let jealousy or resentment interfere with your pursuit of excellence.
You want to cultivate a positive relationship with a new boss, so you make every effort to impress the newcomer.
Adopting a positive attitude involves more than acting cheery. You need to reveal the silver lining in the way you speak.

Need a creative spark?

by on February 1, 2001 9:00am
in Office Management

Sit with new employees to take a fresh look at your business.
Just because you hate negotiating doesn’t mean you have to show it.
Smart managers don’t manage stress. They eliminate it.
Business is booming and you're adding staff. Along with those new workers, you may be picking up an alphabet-soup of new legal burdens that grant new rights to your employees, ADA ...

Take that vacation!

by on January 1, 2001 4:00pm
in Office Management

My boss asked me to cancel my one-week vacation that he has known about for seven months. I refused.

Deflate your worries

by on January 1, 2001 4:00pm
in Office Management

Chronic worriers tend to fret themselves into immobility.