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Master a two-faced boss

by on October 1, 2001 8:30am
in Office Management

When my boss drops in on my staff meetings, he’s Mr. Understanding. But when he gets me alone, he’ll yell and call me names for “screwing up.”
I’m an interim manager for one year, and I want to be more than a caretaker. How can I make an immediate impact on my staff of 10?
To protect employee exemptions from overtime, make sure your sick leave policy defines which classifications would not be subject to pay deductions. In 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court said employees ...

Silence a nagging boss

by on September 1, 2001 10:00am
in Office Management

My boss constantly pesters me. He calls or visits my office every few hours, asking, “Is it done yet?” That distracts me and slows me down. How can I shut him up?
One of my employees is hypercompetitive. He can’t stand to lose, even if it’s coming in second in a company-wide contest.

Overcome mountains of work

by on September 1, 2001 10:00am
in Office Management

Some mornings, I walk into my office and get overwhelmed at how much work I have. I don’t know where to start, and I become immobilized.
I’ve got a great employee with one flaw. She mumbles on the phone.
Anger appears to be on the rise in the workplace. Employees’ tempers are flaring more, leading to rudeness, yelling or worse.

Stop the paranoia!

by on September 1, 2001 9:30am
in Office Management

If you’re preoccupied with getting everyone to like you, you might feel hurt or betrayed if someone, say, speaks out against your proposal.
A co-worker stabs you in the back. Now it’s your turn, right?