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Beating the competition and playing a winning hand often involves making the best use of the talent you’ve been dealt. Here’s how to size up your hand and lead your players:

Overworked and underappreciated: That's a recipe for brisk employee turnover. By teaching supervisors how to support employees during periodic peak times, you'll improve retention. Have managers use these four simple steps to reach out to stressed-out workers ...

For many managers, communi­cations technology tools—our phones, e-mail programs, handheld devices—are the greatest toys ever invented.
Do you have several equally important things to do, all at once, probably all right this minute? Of course you do. Here are some task-juggling tips.

Q. I support the concept of permitting employees to view their personnel files upon request, but I want to know if any law or regulation requires us to provide access. If so, where can I find out about this law/regulation? I’ve been unable to find the rule, and I’m beginning to suspect that we’ve passed this “law” around so long in HR that we believe it exists. –R.C., Alabama

Your unique vantage point in HR equips you to identify managers with the potential to become company leaders. By sharing your insights with top execs, you'll help build organizational excellence and make yourself more valuable. Use these tips to alert top execs to possible future leaders they might be missing ...

Q. Are we required to let terminated employees come in and view their actual personnel files, or can we copy the information and send it via mail? One of our fired employees has hired an attorney and wants to see her file. —T.M. California

More employers are requiring employees to solve employment disputes through arbitration. But courts are quick to invalidate mandatory arbitration agreements that don't meet the letter of the law. Don't back off mandatory arbitration because of legal uncertainties; just make sure to follow these seven rules ...

Q. One of our employees is out on workers’ comp. Our contract says “no sick time will be lost or deducted” while employees are out on workers’ comp. But now he wants to know if he continues to accrue sick time and holiday pay while not working. Does he? —J.S., Michigan

One wrong move (especially during the firing process) can send employees running for courthouse. Teach supervisors to avoid unnecessarily angering employees by pointing out the following common mistakes ...

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