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Thank them for a job well done.
Your boss may ask you to tell a white lie, such as, “He isn’t in.”
Store project-related e-mail messages in desktop folders for future reference.
Keep your cool with someone who unjustly criticizes you.
Ask: “When do we need to meet again on this?”
Bring together top performers from different locations and divisions within your organization.
Sometimes we're not in the mood. And other times we're avoiding difficult tasks that make us uncomfortable. Whatever the case, procrastination will only make things worse.
Getting your manager to meet your needs is an important part of your job. Here's how to succeed when it's time to negotiate.
It's not surprising--or a sign of personal weakness--that more and more bosses feel burned out. But you need the vision and guidance an enthusiastic boss provides in order to do your very best work. Here are some steps to take:

A ship is divided into watertight compartments. They can be either opened or closed to keep the ship afloat. Sir William Osler, the famous Canadian physician, used that principle to form an action philosophy relevant for today’s stress-filled lifestyles.

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