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Just after Richard Nixon won reelection in 1972, he asked his ambassador to the United Nations to become chairman of the Republican National Committee.
Even if you’re a sympathetic leader, chances are people don’t tell you about all the important problems they face on the job.

HR Law 101: Nowadays, most organizations conduct exit interviews with departing employees to determine why they’ve resigned. Exit interviews can be a great HR tool, but you have to know what questions to ask and, at the same time, what questions to avoid for legal reasons ...

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Scientists once believed that trying to be happy was as futile as trying to be taller. But recent studies suggest that we can make ourselves happier not just for a day or two, but long term.

HR Law 101: The FMLA allows employers to refuse to reinstate workers returning from FMLA leave under limited circumstances. For example, if you have experienced a reduction in force due to the economy or a companywide reorganization, you may be able to eliminate a returning worker's job ...

HR Law 101: The FMLA's recordkeeping requirements are less onerous than those of some other federal laws. But you must handle FMLA medical records with the same level of confidentiality as required under the ADA ...

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When Robert Diggs, producer and “concept-crazed musical visionary” of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, is asked about Americans’ need for superheroes, he becomes animated.
On Dec. 4, 2003, The New York Times ran Katharine Sergava’s obituary. Unfortunately — at least for the Times — Ms. Sergava was alive and living in Florida at the time.