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If your meetings are like most, your control of things will be challenged by "meeting monsters"--strong personalities that can derail your efforts.
Workplace surveys suggest that nearly one full day of every workweek--up to nine weeks a year--is taken up by unproductive time. How well do you maintain your team's productivity?
Do you ever feel that your boss doesn't seem to understand what you're up against, all the demands that are made on you, and the impossibility of doing everything well all the time?

Q. I’ve read that we shouldn’t keep employees’ I-9s in their personnel files. Is this a suggestion or are there laws that require them to be in separate files? —L.K., Alabama ...

Q. We want to run paid time off concurrent with FMLA leave so employees don’t receive more than 12 weeks off (paid and unpaid combined). What if an employee says she’s taking vacation time, but we know it’s for medical tests? Can we force her to get a medical certification so we can subtract the paid vacation time? —L.L., Georgia ...

Last week, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announced a new Executive Order to address the problem of employee misclassification. Effective immediately, the Executive Order creates a Joint Enforcement Task Force that will work to strengthen enforcement and avoid duplication of efforts by sharing relevant information and coordinating investigations and enforcement actions. The Task Force will issue a report to the Governor annually on February 1, detailing its actions and suggesting potential legislative or regulatory changes in this area.

Parents vs. nonparents. Gen Y vs. Gen X and the baby boomers. In some workplaces, there’s growing tension over benefits inequality. HR better listen if employees complain that they're getting worse benefits than their co-workers. One solution: Paid time off banks can help calm discontent.

If your organization is planning an extensive reorganization or creating an entirely new subsidiary, take care to consider the impact on older workers. If, in the process of leaving one company entity or subsidiary and going to another, older workers lose substantial benefits they used to enjoy, you may be courting an Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) lawsuit ...

Q. An employee orally requested that we provide him with a copy of his personnel file. Employee files are voluminous, and we would prefer not to provide a copy if we don’t have to. Are we required to copy the file for our employee? Can we require that the employee copy the file on his own time? ...

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