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Just say yes to boss

by on October 1, 2001 5:30pm
in Office Management

Here’s the conventional wisdom: Never conceal your deficiencies from your boss. Admit what you don’t know. Say, “I’ll need help with that.”
One of the worst mistakes of hungry managers is to tackle huge initiatives that get bogged down and never produce results. Our advice: Think small.
When a co-worker or employee does a favor for you, write a thank-you note. In just two or three sentences, express how much you admire the effort and convey your appreciation.

Proofread in spurts

by on October 1, 2001 10:00am
in Office Management

If you’re reviewing a long document, limit your proofreading to about 10 minutes at a time.
An acquaintance refers to your boss as a pillar of integrity, although you suspect he may ‘cook the books.’
When workers lose their composure, they often rail against their colleagues or the company.
As tension mounts, avoid big, gulping breaths or choppy, high-speed breaths.
To get ahead, ask your bosses, “What do you see as the three most important skills for my position?”
Keep setbacks in perspective.
You want more allies at work, but you’re not a natural at making friends. Perhaps you’re too quiet, prickly or blunt.