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Office Management

Who’s there to organize the office organizer? Business Management Daily helps admins with dealing with bosses, records retention, and other key tasks.

We provide thousands of articles to help admins and office management staff through better meeting management, improved time management, and much more.

Solve vexing problems

by on September 1, 2001 9:30am
in Office Management

Whether you’re helping an employee tackle a tough problem or you’re battling with one yourself, use this process to arrive at a sound solution.
Prepare minutes of a meeting soon after it ends so that attendees receive them within 24 hours.
Sometimes you must hold back confidential information.

Zip up those zingers

by on September 1, 2001 9:00am
in Office Management

Skip the “funny” put-downs that sting your co-workers and employees.

Worked up over work?

by on September 1, 2001 9:00am
in Office Management

Working Smart readers often contact us to discuss their problems managing their careers, employees and bosses. Sometimes they hate their office environment.
You might concentrate on your poor performers, pushing them to work harder, think smarter or improve their attitude. That’s fine, as long as you don’t neglect your best workers.

Fight information overload

by on September 1, 2001 9:00am
in Office Management

One of the most overlooked causes of workplace stress is that managers get pelted by too much information.

Lay off Web at work

by on September 1, 2001 9:00am
in Office Management

We’ve warned you that your boss has the right to monitor your e-mail and Web use on company-owned computers. Now the stakes are higher.
Recent research has found that your status influences your decisions.
I’m an office manager. We have 52 employees here. Of that population, six smoke. We allow them to take cigarette breaks, but the time they take for these breaks exceeds the time they’re allowed for breaks in a day, thus frustrating nonsmokers.