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Q. Recently, an employee was involved in a nonwork-related car accident. The employee’s attorney sent the company an authorization letter demanding that we provide the employee’s personnel file in 20 days. It seems the attorney needs the information for a potential lawsuit (unrelated to the company) concerning the accident. Do we have to turn over the personnel file? ...’s “First Class Search” button scours its database of airfares for a little-noticed option called the Y-Up fare.
Stay on top of international news by tuning in to The Week magazine.
Women, in particular, juggle more work than ever, as they continue to perform the traditional housekeeper, cook and chauffeur roles. The result? Overload, stress … and memory lapses.
One of the quickest, least capital-intensive ways for small companies to grow is to connect with a larger partner or brand.
Be inspired by stylishly organized workspaces by visiting IKEA’s new business web site.
Improve your day-to-day well being by knowing when to take a “longcut” versus a shortcut.
Save time by not listening to the news first thing in the morning.
Good organizational skills can help diminish chaos in your life … and not just at the office, says productivity guru Laura Stack.
Fatten up a donation jar by pasting a pair of eyes on it.
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