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Your boss asks you to sign his name on correspondence on his behalf, without putting your own initials next to his signature.
Try learning something new about a city on your next business trip.
Minimize your “mental re-warm-up” period.
Start it and end it according to a stopwatch that everyone can see.

Today's business travelers have an extra concern when flying internationally: the possibility of having their laptop computers or other electronic devices searched and seized as they re-enter the U.S. What does this mean for employers? A potential data breach nightmare.

Q. A former supervisor is the subject of an ongoing sexual harassment and retaliation investigation. He is asking to view his personnel records. The records contain the details of the retaliation complaint. Does he have the right to review his own personnel file? ...

Q. I have heard that under Illinois law, our company must notify an employee if we receive a request from a third-party to review that employee’s personnel records. Is that true? ...
Courts aren’t in the business of second-guessing all your employment decisions, as long as those decisions seem reasonable and rational. If you keep good records, can easily explain your decision-making processes and don’t have any discrimination to hide, you’ll win most lawsuits ...
Q. Are we obligated to pay employees for the time they take off to vote? ...
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