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Carolyn Ferrara, a former office manager for Sarasota dermatologist Michael Rosin, and Ellen Murray, a former patient, received a $1 million reward from the U.S. Department of Justice for their roles in sending Rosin to prison for Medicare fraud.

E-mail and other data keeping you isolated? Your virtual absence sets an example not to focus on interaction with colleagues. This undermines employees’ understanding of how they’re doing and puts everyone at risk for miscommunication.

Help your eco-minded boss travel with a green conscience. Steer him toward these goods, perfect for packing.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) contains surprising modifications to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act's (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules. The changes are significant to all covered entities, but are most challenging for business associates, who now face a host of new requirements. Here are some of the highlights.

She steals credit for your work, blames you for something that you didn’t do or attempts to damage your reputation: the workplace saboteur. Saboteurs are most apt to strike in a weak economy like the current one, business psychologist Wendy Alfus Rothman tells The Wall Street Journal.

Pump up your managers with useful research they don’t have time to do themselves ... Sharpen your workplace instincts by playing The Office-Politics Game ... Soothe stress by first dividing triggers into two categories ...

Ohio public school employees who work under contracts for a set term have the right to keep working until the contract runs out, absent certain “extraordinary circumstances.” But school districts that show exactly why an employee should be fired ... are on solid ground when it comes to a later lawsuit.

Team meetings often degenerate into a disorganized free-for-all. That’s because whenever you get a group together, maintaining everyone’s focus proves a tough challenge.

Businesses already had a problem with innovation, even before the economic crisis. But this is no time to let innovative ideas slip out the back door, says Judy Estrin, former chief technology officer at Cisco Systems and author of “Closing the Innovation Gap.”

Employee absences are costing your business more than twice as much as health care, two recent surveys reveal. Cutting even a fraction of absences can have a potent impact on your organization’s bottom line—an attractive possibility in a tight economy when employers need workers to be as productive as possible.