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Last year, “Vitality Project,” sponsored by the United Health Foundation, set out to create the healthiest hometown in America. Its experts began working with town leaders in Albert Lea, Minn., to transform the way residents eat, work, exercise and play. To boost the health and well-being of the people in your office, follow Albert Lea’s best tactics:

Usually Google gets all the attention for its latest, online tools. But recently, Microsoft grabbed the headlines for adding zippy new features to Internet Explorer. Here are four IE (version 8) features to save you time:

An administrative assistant recently posted this dilemma on our Admin Pro Forum: “I know my office co-worker chats on Facebook most of the day ... and now I have proof. Do I say something to the co-worker, or do I bring it up to the boss? I am usually not a tattletale, but there are times when I am overwhelmed with work and I know she’s chatting on Facebook and not getting her work done.” Forum readers weighed in with advice:

The IRS's National Research Program (NRP) isn't as benign as it sounds. NRPs are intensive, line-by-line audits, which are intended to give the IRS baseline compliance data for future enforcement efforts. The Payroll NRP, which will be conducted by the IRS's Small Business/Self-Employed Division, was scheduled to start last November, but actually will begin this month. The NRP will randomly target 2,000 Forms 941 a year for three years, and will sweep across all business organizations, large and small, for profit and not-for-profit. Are you confident your Forms 941 will pass NRP muster?

If you work for a hothead who screams and curses, do you yell back? As satisfying as it may feel at the time, ratcheting up your fury won’t solve the problem.

Fortunately, most admins have strong partnerships with their managers or see ways to build that bond. But some admins are still struggling through their relationships with lousy bosses. Is the solution to quit? Not with unemployment rates above 10%. Here’s another option: Negotiate with your boss, the way the FBI negotiates during a hostage situation.

According to a study by the International Association of Administrative Professionals and OfficeTeam, managers rank promotions and cash bonuses as the most effective ways of recognizing employee accomplishments. But administrative pros put two other appreciation tactics at the top of their list:

Smart organizations educate their employees about acceptable email use and follow a policy of regular computer-file purging to keep the company network free of unnecessary data  storage. But what ...

If your organization uses independent contractors, watch out: Starting in February, the IRS will begin intensive audits of 6,000 randomly selected employers. One of the key targets: Determining whether employers are improperly misclassifying workers as independent contractors to save on taxes and legal risks.

Defuse a stressed-out, tense workplace with simple, morale-boosting celebrations. Examples: To celebrate National Pie Day (Jan. 23), get pies for the office. For Make a Difference Day (the fourth Saturday in October), challenge each employee to do one thing for a co-worker.