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Office Management

Who’s there to organize the office organizer? Business Management Daily helps admins with dealing with bosses, records retention, and other key tasks.

We provide thousands of articles to help admins and office management staff through better meeting management, improved time management, and much more.

Government employees who want to sue because they believe their right to due process has been denied must prove they belong to an identifiable class, such as one based on race or sex. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled they cannot simply claim they were singled out by their government employer for poor treatment ...

Q. We have an employee who has a degree in accounting and is treated as a salaried, exempt professional employee under the FLSA. He became ill and has used his 12 weeks of FMLA leave. He chose to use the PTO leave concurrent with his FMLA leave. Since he returned, he has missed seven additional days of work. Can the company deduct these missed days from his pay without losing the salaried, exempt status?

Employee handbooks should spell out exactly what it takes to earn time off—and what happens when an employee resigns or is fired. Make sure you spell out the limitations, or you may end up stuck paying for accrued time when you discharge an employee for serious problems, such as a failed drug test ...

You expect your managers to possess basic values, communicate clearly and act like responsible adults. But sometimes, you get a bad apple. If you’re regretting a management hire, first judge the degree of badness. A “continuum of badness” has been developed to help you.

Three former employees of Metaldyne Corp. in Plymouth have pleaded guilty to plotting to steal trade secrets and sell them to industry competitor Chongqing Huafu Industry Co. of Chongqing, China ...

Pace yourself perfectly when leaving a voice mail by using this trick:  As you say your phone number, write it in the air with your finger. If you can’t write it as quickly as your tongue wants to say it, neither can the recipient ...

An ill-worded e-mail, unlike a phone conversation, can come back to haunt you. Deleting e-mail doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, or that a recipient hasn’t saved, printed or forwarded it. Plus, there are plenty of computer experts out there who can recreate or retrieve deleted e-mail messages. The best policy is to assume that whatever is in an e-mail can be used against you in a court of law ...

As costs rise, employees are traveling less for business and using more teleconferencing, videoconferencing and online collaboration tools. Fortunately, these top-notch tech tools are now more affordable and user-friendly, making them viable meeting alternatives. Here are two virtual-meeting tools.

Sometimes, it seems employees and their lawyers can take even the most benign evidence and find a way to twist it into a discrimination case — even something as innocent as including photographs of applicants and employees in personnel files.

Seating arrangements become the top priority when planning a successful off-site meeting. Here’s how to set up the room—no matter what the meeting’s size—to make sure attendees can see, hear and be heard.