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Q. How long after employees have left should we retain their files? And if we shred the files, do we have to keep a record of employment date, termination date and any other information?

When your computer, cell phone or Internet connection fails to function, you’ll ride an emotional roller coaster.

Create an organizational chart for your office using a new wiki from Forbes ... Find templates, photos, animation effects and more ... Don’t waste time tracking down government and legal forms or creating your own form letters.

Legislation introduced in Congress on May 19 would require employers with 15 or more workers to provide at least seven days of paid sick leave per employee per year.

Time off is precious to employees, but during tough economic times, some say they’d rather have the money. At MITRE, for example, a third of its 6,000 employees took advantage of an option to cash out up to two weeks of their paid leave last year.

What does an Oreo cookie cream filling have in common with administrative professionals? Everything! Without that cream, there’s no magic center that holds it together. You’re left with two chocolate disks sitting there waiting for something special to happen. The special ingredient: you.

Baseball, America's favorite pastime, may also be a way to hone your business skills this summer. If your company has its own baseball team, cycling club or any other sport, consider signing on. It could do more than tone your muscles.

Many companies and state governments are turning to furloughs as an alternative to laying off employees. Besides the obvious benefit of keeping workers employed, other potential benefits include not having to rehire and retrain employees when business improves; cutting overtime costs; avoiding the cost of paying severance; and avoiding potential legal risks associated with terminations.

You can always give back, even during tough economic times. Mobilize your office in an act of do-goodness by rounding up not-so-loved shoes for a worthy cause. A few fabulous programs can breathe new life into old kicks:

Q. An employee just asked for a week off to attend jury duty. Do I have to grant the request for leave? If I do, can I require the employee to use accrued vacation time during the jury duty leave?