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Automated time-keeping systems are a lot less burdensome than their predecessors. For example, non-exempt employees no longer need to queue up to physically punch in and out at the beginning and end of a day, or when they take their meal breaks. Less burdensome, however, doesn't mean that these systems always work on autopilot. Just ask one Midwestern hospital system, which was tagged with having to pay $1.7 million in back overtime pay to 4,000 nurses because its automated time-keeping system deducted for meal periods during which they worked.

A round this time of year, employees are filing their taxes and some are realizing that they can't find their W-2 form that you provided to them weeks ago. If you didn't send W-2s electronically, set up a process for handling requests to reissue W-2s.

When your job is to keep things from falling through the cracks, a good time-management system can serve as a tightly woven net. Sue Shellenbarger, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, recently took the most widely used systems for a test drive, trying each one for a week. Here’s what she learned:

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Remain contactable by creating a Google Profile ... Ask or you won't get it ... Pose targeted questions about the specific behaviors that you want feedback on ... Volunteer if you want to feel better about your life ... Eliminate everything from the web page you’re reading, except the text and photos, with Readability.

The No. 1 thing people complain about at work: the temperature. Researchers at Cornell University have found that warmer offices can improve productivity.

As the recession continues, many employers have had to turn to reductions in force as an unfortunate yet necessary cost-saving measure. Count on some of those former employees to sue. Employers considering implementing RIFs must understand the legal and practical issues that can trap the unwary. Taking these four steps can minimize the risks of lawsuits:

Q. We’re a nine-physician medical clinic, and we employ a salaried business manager. Her duties include personnel, hiring, firing and office work. We don’t give her comp time or overtime pay. If she takes a partial day off, she must use vacation time (paid time off). Are we handling this correctly?

It’s 4:30 p.m., and one of your bosses has finally given you the documents you expected to receive that morning—the documents you need in order to wrap up a task by the 5:30 p.m. deadline. This is your biggest pet peeve—receiving things late (and without warning), but being expected to complete the task on time. What to do?

Cary and Brenda Jensen worked for the Lodge at Mount Snow, placing ads and organizing bus tours for senior citizens groups. After six years, the Jensens quit to open ...