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You treat your administrative aides with friendly professionalism. They smile and seem happy. But, does that mean everything is all right?

Employers and HR professionals hear it all the time: You must be prepared to preserve relevant corporate information and data and produce it if you are sued. You can take some preparatory steps to ensure that you can comply with inevitable litigation holds and are proficiently primed to assist your attorneys should litigation occur. This list of 22 to-do’s can guide your document and data preservation and retention procedures:

Question: “I am the office manager at an accounting firm.  Since everyone puts in such long hours and a full day on Saturdays, the office picks up lunch every Saturday. I have one staff member that is a bit overweight and always orders way too much food for lunch every Saturday.  A few of the partners have commented to each other or to me about the amount of food that is ordered (out of concern for cost and staff well being).  What would be the best way to handle this?  No one here is her life coach, so is it even acceptable to say something or acknowledge it?” — Elizabeth Lamb

Q. We recently received a subpoena to produce an employee’s personnel file in connection with a lawsuit. The employee is a party to the lawsuit, but the company is not. Do we have to comply with the subpoena? Should we tell the employee about the subpoena?

The ADA requires employers to maintain strict confidentiality on any medical- or disability-related information. That means keeping it in a separate, secure file, away from prying eyes that have no business viewing the information. But confidentiality doesn’t apply just to paper or electronic records. Employers also have to make sure they don’t discuss such information with those who don’t need to know.

In California, you can’t terminate employees for coming forward to press for enforcement of wage-and-hour claims, even if it turns out the claims were unfounded. That’s because California law strongly supports employee rights to get all the pay they’re entitled to, and efforts to punish employees who are wrong would chill efforts to challenge their employers’ pay policies.

The Borough of Lawnside has agreed to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by a female police officer who alleged she began experiencing harassment and discrimination almost from Day 1.

Question: “My boss is a dictating micromanager, and I’m having difficulty handling the situation. How can I let him know that I can manage most situations with little or no supervision? I don’t want to be insubordinate, but he needs to stop breathing down my neck. — Cindi

Help travelers organize all their information tidbits with these slick online tools: Gliider ... TravelMuse ... NileGuide ... Trekaroo.

Does it matter if we misspell words or use abbreviations in email messages? Opinions are mixed. Everyone, however, agrees that when you’re working on written correspondence or an important document, it has to be flawless. Can you spot the grammar and writing errors in the sentences?

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