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Q. How do I set up a simple time sheet in Excel?
Regulations have re­­stored the FICA/FUTA exemptions for employing family members and members of religious orders in LLCs and other disregarded entities that didn’t elect to be treated as corporations for federal payroll tax purposes. The regs became effective Nov. 1, 2011, but you may apply them to wages paid beginning Jan. 1, 2009.
Every year, the IRS releases its Priority Guidance Plan, also known as the business plan. It’s no surprise that the IRS is devoting a considerable amount of time to issuing guidance related to Payroll’s continuing role in health care reform.
Winter isn’t a challenging season just because of the lousy weather. It’s tough on payroll staff, who must ensure that the company’s pay policies jibe with the Fair Labor Standards Act when employees leave early, arrive late or just stay home because of snow. Here are the rules for nonexempts and exempts.
You can enjoy the company’s holiday bash even more after you get through these year-end payroll duties:
Since 2008, states have borrowed heavily from the federal government to pay regular unemployment benefits. Bad: Employers in states that fail to pay back those loans within two years can’t take the full 5.4% FUTA credit. Credit reduction states for 2011 FUTA taxes have now been identified.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. This old management adage ex­­plains why most bosses want administrative professionals to create measurable goals. But how do you measure results in a job that’s often about responding to others’ needs?

Work authorization. Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, general contractors and subcontractors contracting with the state or a political subdivision must present proof that they are enrolled in E-Verify. Beginning April 1, 2012, all employers must enroll in E-Verify. Employers that continue to employ unauthorized workers may be ordered to terminate their employment, and may be subject […]
Child support. Employers may be required to electronically receive child support withholding orders and medical support withholding orders. On em­­­­ployers’ consent, other state agencies may send ad­­ministrative orders electronically. (Ch. 61, L. 2011) Minimum wages. For 2012, the inflation-adjusted minimum wage increases to $7.65 an hour, from $7.35. Payment of wages. Beginning July 20, 2011, […]
Leave. Employees who take a leave of absence for organ donation may take up to 30 business days in a one-year period; employees who donate bone marrow may take up to five business days in a one-year period. Employers may require employees to take a specified number of earned but unused days off for paid […]
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