Dealing with Bosses

Even a good boss is a challenge. But when you’re dealing with bosses, dealing with difficult bosses makes everything twice as hard.

It can often feel as if you’re the one managing the boss. Business Management Daily shows you how to transform you and your boss into an efficient, unstoppable team.

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Stan, a marketing manager in New York, talks about his credit-hogging boss.
Do you have a problem supervisor or manager who acts like a Marine Corps drill sergeant? While it may not be technically illegal to berate and yell at subordinates, abusive bosses sometimes cross a dangerous legal line—the one that marks the boundary of behavior that constitutes intentional infliction of emotional distress ...
Warn hot-headed supervisors that they risk personal liability if they don’t cool it. Employees claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress can sue the company and the supervisor personally, collecting from both ...
Most of the time, micromanagers crush morale. They create needless bureaucracy, meddle constantly and stoke resentment.
You might manage employees well, but how do you manage your boss? To make the most impact, position yourself as an advisor.
Getting along with the boss should be one of a front-line manager's top priorities. Do you need to improve your relationship? We offer some ways to get started.
Multitasking isn’t a solution. It’s a problem.
Do you ever feel that your boss doesn't seem to understand what you're up against, all the demands that are made on you, and the impossibility of doing everything well all the time?
The boss shares an idea, and then asks, “What do you think?” You don’t have an instant answer. How do you avoid looking stumped?
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