For admins, the work never ends. Administrative professionals fill key office management functions every day – tasks that go unnoticed (until they’re not done).

Admins are the unsung heroes of the workplace – the glue that holds an office together. Every week should be Administrative Professionals Week!

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Snagging the best admins today means going beyond your local paper’s classified ads. More than half of employers find it challenging to recruit skilled professionals because of a lack of qualified staff and the higher cost of recruiting, reports a recent survey.

If your performance evaluation is at least six months away, start tracking now the value you bring to your job, especially if you want a raise. That’s according to David Lorenzo, managing partner at The Gallup Organization and author of Career Intensity.

Q. How do I make my manager understand that I want more responsibility?

You may not be able to dole out raises, but you can pose thought-provoking questions to the admins you manage.

Turn co-workers into die-hard supporters who will watch your back and help propel your career. These three tactics can help you build workplace friends who go the extra mile for you, says management consultant Margaret Morford.

One career-building move for admins is learning to comfortably address a group, whether it’s a Lunch ‘n’ Learn, a meeting or some other front-and-center role.
You may know the anecdote of 3M’s development of the Post-it note.But you may not realize that if it hadn’t been for admins, the Post-it may have died on the inventing table. Here’s the rest of the story.
Before you pack your bags, consider these conference etiquette tips.
How are top admins keeping documents error-free? Here are some of their tricks.
You’d like to attend a professional workshop, seminar or conference, but you need to convince the boss to fund it. Be prepared to show a return on investment (ROI) for your professional development and how it will benefit you and the organization.