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Business Management Daily is offering its 'Taming the Paper Monster: Records Management, Compliance and File Security' to provide companies with the tools they need to gain control of their records. Business Management Daily is offering this informative report at 40% off for a limited time. 'Taming the Paper Monster' explains why every organization needs a formal records-management program and show managers how to develop the right system for their firm.

Business Management Daily is offering its 'Record Retention Schedule: Guidelines for every office document' FREE for a limited time to help managers develop an effective system to manage their organization’s records. This valuable resource will show managers how long to keep records for operational, legal, fiscal and historical reasons, and when to destroy them because they’re no longer useful.
Business Management Daily’s 'Office Organization Documents: 5 essential forms to help you attain an organized and productive work life' will help business professionals fine-tune their organization skills to get more done in less time and relieve stress. Business Management Daily is offering this resource FREE for a limited time. These documents will provide professionals with the tools they need to become more efficient, help them engage in effective planning, and eliminate disorganization at work.
Business Management Daily is offering its special report, 'The Office Organizer: 10 tips on file organizing, clutter control, document management, business shredding policy, record retention guidelines and how to organize office emails,' FREE to help professionals organize their work life. This informative report will teach professionals document management strategies to keep paper from taking over their desks, techniques to gain control of their wild inboxes, and how to inventory their records to develop a company record retention schedule.
Business Management Daily announces the addition of a new blogger on its website. Kevin Eikenberry will write for in a blog titled Remarkable Leadership with Kevin. The blog features posts that will help business professionals enhance their leadership skills and become more effective leaders.
Business Management Daily’s video recording, 'How to Design Great PowerPoint Presentations' will teach you how to quickly create impressive presentations that get your main points across easily. Business Management Daily is offering this training video FREE for a limited time to help professionals enhance their office technology skills.
Business Management Daily is offering a free resource to help business professionals save time and make their productivity skyrocket. 'Tip Card: Business Management Daily’s Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts' provides the keyboard shortcuts that the editors of Business Management Daily find most effective. These shortcuts will help you complete your work in a fraction of the time you usually spend. You’ll also reduce the number of errors you would otherwise make by typing the same thing over and over again.
Business Management Daily is collaborating with the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) through its webinar training program. Admins can now earn credits toward ASAP’s Professional Administrative Certificate of Excellence (PACE) by attending Business Management Daily’s training webinars. They will receive 1.5 credits toward the PACE certificate for every hour of webinar training.
Business Management Daily’s 'Tip Card: Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts' will decrease the errors you make when typing and help you optimize your schedule with lightning speed. This tip card will also reduce your stress because you’ll be able to get more done in a shorter period of time. Business Management Daily is offering this resource FREE for a limited time to help professionals save valuable time, become more efficient at work, and advance their Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word skills.
Business Management Daily’s free special reports, 'Microsoft Excel Help: Excel Tips for Every Skill Level' and 'Microsoft Email: Outlook Tips and Training' will help professionals advance their office technology skills and boost their productivity in the workplace. They will learn the valuable tips and tricks that the pros use to optimize their time and their workbooks. Both reports are presented by Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa P. Esquibel, who has 25+ years of experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis.
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