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There’s no such thing as a completely objective performance evaluation. It’s impossible to totally eliminate manager subjectivity. That can become a legal problem when, for example, a poorly rated employee is promoted over a minority. “Increased subjectivity is one of the main reasons employers should look into using performance and talent management solutions,” says Business […]

Business Management Daily announces that it has acquired and from Phoenix-based content marketing agency McMurry/TMG. Business Management Daily will focus on making Managing People at Work a user-friendly subscription website to help supervisors do their jobs more effectively. The publishing company will incorporate the high-quality content from into its current newsletters and websites. This will allow Business Management Daily to provide its readers with an additional library of valuable business information.

It’s essential for professionals at every level of an organization to possess leadership skills. Individuals with strong leadership abilities are able to manage projects effectively and position their companies to be more successful. Leadership development training can help professionals obtain the skills they need to become better leaders.
In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for human resources professionals who keep up to date with the continuously changing employment laws and have top HR management skills. Online degrees and certificates are extremely helpful to busy HR pros who want to boost their skills and become even more of an asset to their organizations, or professionals who would like to start a career in human resources.
The human resources editors at Business Management Daily have chosen their top five favorite resources that they think are the most helpful for HR professionals to use regularly in order to stay current on extremely important employment laws.
“Thanks for applying, wish you hadn’t!” That’s what many of Business Management Daily’s HR professional readers said when they had to go through the process of interviewing applicants and selecting new employees. Some have interviewed applicants who did or said things completely inappropriate for an interview. Some readers have even hired an applicant who, instead of being a great fit for the job, sent the HR pro into damage control mode after the new employee caused more problems than he or she was worth.
Office professionals are increasingly taking on new tasks to boost their organizations’ productivity — in other words, they are working harder. And it’s easier to make errors with an increased workload. That’s why it’s absolutely essential for these professionals to stay organized and ensure they are complying with the law when it comes to record retention.
Business Management Daily is offering its training podcast Get Things Done and Control Your Day FREE for a limited time to help professionals take charge of their time, control the chaos and get more out of their days. During this podcast, Kathy Tosoian, a Star Achievement Series Certified Trainer with Office Dynamics, will teach professionals how to go beyond time management to self management. She will ensure that they aren’t just going in circles every day, and help them feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of their days by focusing on tasks of value.

To determine some of the most popular online training resources, Business Management Daily asked LinkedIn members to provide their favorite go-to training websites that help them build skills for their careers. Here are the top five training resources on the web provided by LinkedIn group members.

This Microsoft program doesn’t have to be such a frustrating application. Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel will teach you the secrets the experts use to quickly create professional and effective charts and graphs with Excel in the video recording 'Creating Excel Charts & Graphs.' Business Management Daily is offering this video for FREE throughout May to help professionals improve their Excel skills. Not only will Melissa show you the "how to" but also the "why" of different chart and graph types and techniques, as well as what tools are available.
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