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LEAP brings together the nation’s top employment law experts with HR professionals, in-house attorneys, directors and managers from the public and private sectors, business owners, financial officers and others with a keen interest in employment law. (Visit for details.) LEAP is different from most stand-alone business conferences in that it provides systematic follow-up for all attendees via the HR Specialist: Employment Law newsletter and the HR Specialist: Premium Plus Online service.
Good employees should not hesitate to ask for raises. Even in a difficult economy, employers want to retain their best talent. New surveys show salary freezes are down and employers are giving raises to top employees.  Details are provided in this new free report: Salary Negotiating 101: 7 secrets to boosting your career earnings, negotiating a raise and striking the best deal in a job offer negotiation.
Your Office Coach, Marie McIntyre explains how to keep negativity from infecting the workplace to boost employee morale (and avoid lawsuits).
The legendary Pony Express officially ceased operations 150 years ago this month—put out to pasture by the transcontinental telegraph. Since November 1861 when the last run of the Pony Express was completed, labor conditions in the United States have improved dramatically. To illustrate just how far employment law has changed, The HR Specialist asked the editor of the HR Specialist's Ohio Employment Law newsletter, Jon Hyman, to offer his analysis of today's labor law violations in a typical pony express job posting.  Can you spot the violations in this want ad from the 1860s?
Need an employment background check?  Beware: Google, Facebook and other social media have changed everything.  While smart employers and HR professionals never hire a candidate without an employment background check, even background checks themselves can lead to legal pitfalls. Before you google, you must do these two things first...
Phil Ash, publisher of Capitol Information Group, Inc., announces a name change of its former National Institute of Business Management division. The group will now be known as Business Management Daily (BMD). “The change to ‘Business Management Daily’ better reflects not just the pace of business today but also the timeliness of our content, which features multiple daily updates via our websites and e-letters,” according to Ash.
Many professions, including Human Resources, require continuing education to keep employees up-to-date on the latest workplace rules and rulings as well as the most effective HR strategies. With HRCI-approved audio recordings, professionals can work toward recertification at their convenience—from home, while commuting or, yes, even while walking the dog via MP3 or CD player. (Although juggling the plastic bag and pooper-scooper could make it difficult to take notes!)
Even as the public continues to wonder: “What was he thinking?!”  It is clear that former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner has plenty of company in making social media mistakes (including a flight attendant, IBM employee, job applicant and a crime reporter, to name a few). As more workplaces are dealing with embarrassing—and legally risky—online behaviors, Business Management Daily new webinar provides answers to employers and HR departments on how they can protect themselves from social media mistakes, misjudgments and legal risks.
Jerry Seinfeld once pointed out, “If surveys show that Americans’  No. 1 fear is public speaking and their No. 2 fear is death… that means that at a funeral, the average American would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy!”  All kidding aside, you can't let the fear of public speaking affect your ability to effectively sell your ideas. Instead, ask yourself, "What would Steve Jobs do?"
On a shoestring budget? No need to order up an expensive round of paintball to gain the benefits of proven team building exercises. A new report—17 Team Building Ideas from Business Management Daily—offers free, effective team building ideas you can choose from and try at your very next meeting.  Help your employees reach their state of optimal challenge and “flow” with this inspiring new report.
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