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Performance Reviews

For most managers, conducting effective performance reviews is the most daunting part of their job. Don’t look on it with dread! Make your performance appraisals work for you, not against you with these tools: performance review examples, tips on writing employee reviews, sample performance reviews and employee evaluation forms.
So, your tasked with assessing employee performance and writing performance reviews. Where do you get started?

See more scripts and strategies for writing performance reviews and conducting valuable employee appraisals. Get a sample performance review and employee evaluation forms when you sign up for our Free email newsletter for Leaders & Managers like you…

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If it's unusually quiet in your office while you're reading this, it's probably the week between Christmas and New Year's, when most businesses slow down.

Look for the deeper reasons why people leave your organization. Use these exit-interview questions to smoke out chronic problems:
As part of your performance reviews or progressive discipline process, you probably ask for the employee's signature to acknowledge the issues discussed and actions taken. What if that document is likely ...
Somewhere along the line, you will en-counter poor-performing employees who whine, assign blame, watch the clock or drag down morale. These types might improve with counseling, but the odds are they won’t. Why, then, might you hesitate to fire such people? Here are four lousy excuses for not imposing proper discipline: 1. “I need him.” [...]
The owners of New Hope Communications in Colorado distribute feedback forms inside paycheck envelopes.

Issue: The importance of giving consistent feedback on employee performance. Benefit: When managers provide feedback, employees are more likely to stay ...
Make sure all versions of your company policies, whether in employee handbooks, online policies or even offer letters, contain clear at-will employment statements.
As this ruling shows, you won't be ...
Your best defense against a hostile environment claim is proof that you took quick and effective steps to stop the hostility. But courts won't look kindly on your efforts if you ...
THE LAW. While no federal law re-quires your organization to write job descriptions for each employee, it's a wise legal move that most employers follow. When drafting job descriptions ...
Part-time electricity-board employee and burgeoning author Corinne Maier has vaulted into prominence by advocating "active disengagement" among French workers ... the kind of creative inertia you’d expect from Wally in the cartoon strip “Dilbert.”
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