Performance Reviews

For most managers, conducting effective performance reviews is the most daunting part of their job. Don’t look on it with dread! Make your performance appraisals work for you, not against you with these tools: performance review examples, tips on writing employee reviews, sample performance reviews and employee evaluation forms.
So, your tasked with assessing employee performance and writing performance reviews. Where do you get started?

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Take all claims of sexual harassment seriously, not just the ones involving members of the opposite sex. Don’t ignore same-sex harassment or think that it’s somehow less serious than other harassment.

If, like most employers, you use an employee handbook to manage the workplace, remember that you must ensure that employees understand that the handbook is not a contract. Do that by clearly stating that employment is at-will and that employees can be fired for any reason or no reason.

Sometimes, good employees go bad. Quite often, employers that suddenly have to terminate an employee who had been doing a great job find themselves on the losing end of a discrimination lawsuit. There’s one way to show bias played no part in the decision: Document the employee’s unacceptable behavior.
Every type of employee leave is different. Some leave requests involve difficult personal issues, while others can cause workplace morale problems. Plus, every state has different leave laws. What's worse, the costs of employee absenteeism—reflected in lost production, overtime and temporary replacements for the absent worker—can add up quickly. What's the best way to combat the problem?
Federal courts don’t have much patience for faulty logic. A U.S. District Court in New York recently issued a particularly stinging rebuke to a nurse whose pregnancy discrimination case hinged on the “fallacious syllogism” that “I was fired; I was pregnant when I was fired; therefore, I was fired because I was pregnant.”
Average employer-paid health benefit costs have increased about 6% per year for the last five years. At least in the short term, the new health care reform law may make the problem even worse. All the more reason to act now to get your health care costs under control. Here are 37 strategies worth trying.

When it comes to hiring and retention decisions, make sure that everyone involved in the process is on the same page. Decide on the criteria and stick with them for all candidates. Otherwise, shifting explanations about who is chosen and who is rejected can look like intentional efforts to manipulate the choice and hide underlying discrimination.

These three questions will lead to a more meaningful performance review.

Let’s say you’ve got one very good reason to fire an employee, plus several other halfway decent reasons. Why not wrap them all into one big package of employee shortcomings when it comes time to show her the door? Because such overkill could play badly in court if the dismissed employee ever sues you.

Anything less than a completely honest performance appraisal will only cheat the employee out of personal development, plus it could set the stage for a discrimination lawsuit. Here are eight important do’s and don’ts:
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