People Management

With some employees, it isn’t a matter of ability, it’s a matter of attitude. And while you can’t control someone’s horrible personality, you can decide how you’re going to respond. Use these scripts and strategies to confront problem employees and effectively manage employee discipline so you can bring motivating back to the forefront of your workday.

The first rule of people management is not to let one bad apple spoil your whole bunch. Difficult people can put a strain on the productive members of your team.

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Keeping written records of an employee’s substandard actions or behavior gives you more disciplinary options if problems worsen. Here are some ideas to properly documenting events.
Worrying about money poses a particularly serious health risk in this economy. Even if your bank account is fine, consider your employees’ ?financial woes.
Charlie, a manager at a cosmetics firm, discusses the changing nature of his relationship with his employees during the economic slowdown.
Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you want to spoon-feed employees with your wisdom. Welcome honest feedback from everyone.Thoughts on accepting feedback.
When you meet with employees, begin by stating your “what and why”—what you want to discuss and why now.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Nothing wins lawsuits like good records. Tell all managers and supervisors that HR won’t approve any disciplinary action without a copy of the documentation used to justify the decision ...

At Arizona American Water, HR goes “overboard” with employee communication, says Senior HR Manager Linda Stillman, sending electronic newsletters around the office, paper newsletters to employees’ homes and setting up teleconferences to share information.

Do you have ready access to your organization’s discipline records? Can you say with certainty that everyone charged with the same misconduct receives the same punishment? Or is there bias hiding in those records? The best way to check is to group discipline by type of misconduct and punishment ...

Layoffs, pay cuts and an uncertain economy have left many organizations with fewer employees to do the work—often for the same or less money. Not all of those employees are handling it well. Here are nine ways you can deal with economy-induced employee stress and help your employees focus on their work:

Charlie, a manager at a cosmetics firm, reflects on the changing nature of his relationship with his employees during the current economic slowdown.
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