People Management

With some employees, it isn’t a matter of ability, it’s a matter of attitude. And while you can’t control someone’s horrible personality, you can decide how you’re going to respond. Use these scripts and strategies to confront problem employees and effectively manage employee discipline so you can bring motivating back to the forefront of your workday.

The first rule of people management is not to let one bad apple spoil your whole bunch. Difficult people can put a strain on the productive members of your team.

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Josh Weston, CEO of Automatic Data Processing, challenged one of his division managers to follow up an increase in productivity with goals to top their performance the following year.
In 1999, Linda Guyden, a former vice president for Prudential Insurance Company in Newark, and 358 other employees received a $10 million settlement for race discrimination and related claims against the company. Then, in 2000, Guyden filed a separate federal lawsuit based on her complaint ...
Inevitably, your organization will have to conduct a workplace investigation. It may be because an employee has alleged discrimination, or perhaps someone has stolen something. Whatever the reason, an investigation is in order—and you have to get it right. An inadequate investigation can do more harm than good ...

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to compensate employees for any time spent on the job that benefits the employer. There are, however, some exceptions. For example, if employees use their own time to study materials that will qualify them for promotions, that time generally doesn’t have to be paid.

About one year ago, you hired Jim with high hopes. After a grueling search, you decided that he could plug a hard-to-fill hole in your company. You were thrilled.
During his years as senior vice president at Hallmark Cards Inc., Jim Welch managed 600 employees. He wanted every one of them to feel comfortable criticizing him.
When employees face problems, that's your chance to shine as a motivator. Help them work out of a jam and their morale will improve.
Many managers find it difficult to tell diligent workers that they're screwing up, but that's an inescapable part of your job.
About 10 years ago, consultants started emphasizing pay-for-performance as a motivational tool. The idea stuck.
Q. One of our employees recently came back from FMLA leave. Before he left, we never agreed on the method by which he would pay his share of health insurance premiums. It’s been two months now, and the employee hasn’t mentioned it or attempted to pay us back. What can we do to collect the premium? ...
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