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Nuke negativity

by on January 1, 2000 4:00pm
in Leaders & Managers

It’s easy to persuade people who are inclined to agree with you. The real test comes when you’re dealing with stubborn employees or closed-minded bosses itching to find fault with your proposal.

Tame a powermonger

by on January 1, 2000 4:00pm
in Leaders & Managers

Try these shrewd, nonconfrontational ways to tame a powermonger.
You observe an employee loafing or overhear two workers making snide comments about the company. Beware of retaliating by ignoring them in meetings or dismissing their work.
When explaining change, begin by listing the facts behind your decision, such as a shrinking market share or shifting demographics.
Try “Guess My Lie,” an ideal game when you want people to get to know each other better and lower their defenses.
When you’re struggling with a nagging problem—from a personnel dispute to a troubling trend in your financial reports—assess the situation wearing three hats.
You don’t want to overwhelm your staff with lots of silly rules. But that doesn’t mean you should let them ignore company rules.
When setbacks occur, all eyes turn to you for leadership. Deep down, you’re panicking. But on the outside you’re tough as nails.
With the recent rash of shootings in America’s offices, it’s more important than ever to spot dangerous behaviors in co-workers.
You’re in a bind: You manage a highego, power-hungry schemer who tramples over peers and alienates underlings. But he also brings impressive talent to the job and isn’t easy to replace.