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Turning slugs into gung-ho workers often calls for a less-is-more strategy.
Two employees threaten to come to blows over a disagreement. Don’t jump in and rule on who’s right.
Maximize new employees’ first month by easing them into group activities. Help them feel like accepted team members by treating them equally in meetings (for instance, no “observer” status).
Sometimes you figure that barking orders is the only way something will get done. Not so fast.
One of my employees tends to change his behavior for the better, only to revert to his old self.
Some employees can’t maintain their excellence over time.
Manage enough employees and you’ll eventually oversee rude people.
Dishing out orders will backfire if employees tire of your bossiness.

What to say when …

by on March 1, 2001 9:30am
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You want to discipline an employee for saying “This is crap” in a meeting, even though you share that view.
If you want to make an employee aware of poor behavior, break your comments into threes.