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Reports about the demise of family limited partnerships (FLPs) are greatly exaggerated.

The federal government is cranking up its workplace safety inspections, especially targeting repeat offenders and companies with unusually high reports of workplace injuries and illnesses.

If your small business offers generous benefits, promote that point hard in your want-ads.

Most states operate on a fiscal year that ends June 30, so state agency buyers typically crank up their spending in the late winter and spring. In many cases, they'll spend unused funds in their budget to justify the same or higher funding for next year.

If you hold sales contests, don't follow the crowd on structuring awards.

Short-term disabilities don't last as long at companies where employees report their disability claims quickly, according to a report by CIGNA Group Insurance.

By definition, a leader stays ahead of the pack. That can mean taking an uncomfortable stance that’s years ahead of its time.

The Coach K way

by on January 1, 2004 3:30pm
in Leaders & Managers

Inspiring leaders take the time to single out talented people and develop them. One good way: Mike Krzyzewski, Duke’s legendary basketball coach, invites each new player to lunch one on one. There, he asks each player to describe his personal goals for both on and off the court. “Coach K,” as he is called, also inspires those already at the top of their game.
Leading by consensus will give your team more clout than if you run it by vote or on your authority alone. Here’s why.

With rumblings about the economy improving, you may feel pressure to beef up pay raises this year. New studies say, “Forget about it.”

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