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Staying one step ahead of the IRS isn't easy for most small businesses. One wrong step—a forgotten form, a lost receipt—could invite Uncle Sam's wrath.

Children of business owners are two to three times more likely than others to become business owners themselves, according to a new study promoted in the U.S. Small Business Administration's newsletter.

A new OfficeTeam survey asked 613 workers what one thing would give them more job satisfaction. The runaway winner: more schedule flexibility (33 percent).

Many states provide some immunity for employers who furnish truthful, fact-based employment references. But, as the following case shows, that immunity can evaporate if you provide false information or make malicious ...
Issue: The recent slow growth in HR pay hikes picked up speed in 2003. Benefit: Stronger pay growth nationwide gives you more bargaining power in your shop ... or on ...
Issue: HR's uniqueness makes it difficult to tap others within your organization for brainstorming, problem-solving, etc. Benefits: Joining or forming a network of HR pros can give you valuable sounding ...

When employees return from military-related absences, you must re-employ them to their old jobs or ones with similar status, seniority, pay and benefits. That's federal law since 1994, but apparently, some companies don't know about it.

Employees who become engaged often become distracted at work, using too much time to e-mail caterers, scan bride Web sites and do other planning, according to a Bureau of National Affairs report.

A new, well-publicized study could raise skepticism (and potentially legal complaints) by shorter people about your pay practices.

Are you ready to motivate your people? Not if you aren't motivated yourself. If you feel like you're dragging yourself through the workday, your people are going to pick up on your lack of energy and enthusiasm. And that's the last thing you need. Take this quiz and see how you handle some common demotivators for managers.
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