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My boss’ standards are way too low. She’s lax and far too accepting of average work—by myself and other managers.
Pam woke up in a sweat. She dreaded having to call Angela into her office later that day to say, “Your work is sloppy. Your mistakes cost us money. You need to improve or find another job.”
My co-worker constantly lends me CDs of his favorite bands. I don’t like them, but I try to be nice and listen anyway.
If you sense you’re taken for granted, don’t talk about it. Do something!
One of the most overlooked strengths of leaders is their willingness to heed criticism.
I love mentoring. Maybe too much.
Earn your staff’s admiration by adopting the 3 S’s: sacrifice, stimulate, seek.
To listen well, you must make sure you understand before you judge. It’s easy to skip right to making a judgment.
In the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, it’s futile to think we’ll resume our business-as-usual lives. We won’t. At least not yet.
As a manager, you can tell employees what they should and should not do. But telling people what to do often triggers resistance.