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At its simplest, delegation involves handing over assignments to your employees. But there are four ways to delegate.
My co-worker has a nervous habit of laughing loudly after almost every statement she makes. We work in a cube environment and she bothers everyone around her.
When you hire people, it’s almost impossible to tell how quickly they work.
In the thick of the long baseball season, even the best players can experience a slump. Same goes with employees.
Sprint wasn't ignorant of sexual harassment. The company had distributed a human resources policy guide to all employees in 1990 and posted it in all offices. Its code of ethics urges ...
I’m a micromanager and proud of it!
Congratulations! You’ve been appointed to lead your first team.
You know to criticize in private and praise in public. Let’s add a twist: If you’re teaching someone a new skill, do it in private.
Most employees don’t quit out of the blue. They exhibit warning signs. The question is whether you’ll notice before it’s too late.
As founder, chairman, CEO and president of Storage USA Inc., the country’s second-largest self-storage company with $250 million in revenue, Dean Jernigan understands how to create a team.