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Whether you’re traveling to Detroit or Moscow, it’s reassuring to know the locations of the cash machines closest to your hotel or the company you’re visiting.
Most teams arrive at a point when everyone wants to agree so much, they stop challenging each other’s ideas and assumptions.
Shortly after leaving his father’s shoe business to start Kenneth Cole Inc., the newly hatched designer wanted to attract attention at a big trade show in New York.
Speak a little higher and a little faster than you normally do.
The CEO of a software distributor has found a stress-free way to communicate with his wife at her job.
Surely, you've heard over and over that good leaders ask good questions. Fine. But what questions might those be?
It is important to not only sense impending disaster but prepare for it and minimize it.
When Dwight D. Eisenhower won the election to succeed him as president, Harry S. Truman observed: “Poor Ike! When he was a general, he gave an order and it was carried out. Now, he is going to sit in that big office and give an order and not a damn thing is going to happen.”
An outside adviser can act as a “third opinion” when your internal people line up behind a single proposition, or help you decide when two or more of your constituencies disagree.
New research has found that most business leaders are too quick to blame poor sales on lack of drive among the sales staff. More often, sales fall because salespeople are too poorly equipped and trained to compete in today’s aggressive marketplace.
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