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Thirty years ago, we called it “the generation gap.” Now we fret about keeping Generation X workers happy. But managers still wonder how to cultivate young employees who bring different attitudes to the job.
You may think that you are a good manager, but you’ll sabotage your success if you don’t talk like a leader. By overdosing on qualifiers, inserting lots of needless filler phrases and giving wimpy opinions, you’ll lose chances to earn the respect of your employees and bosses.
Show employees that you care about them as people, not worker bees.
Your staffers possess skills that don’t relate directly to their jobs.

Put families first

by on June 1, 1999 12:00am
in Leaders & Managers

Never force employees to choose between work and family.
Looking for ways to demand more accountability?
If you manage employees who’d rather point fingers than get their hands dirty and solve problems, don’t let them get away with it. Hold Monday-morning quarterbacks responsible for speaking up while they can still do some good.
In the past five years, many managers have adopted “open-book management” as a way to teach employees to link their jobs to the company’s larger financial performance. This way, staffers can see how their efforts directly affect the bottom line.
Resist the hype to embrace online training for your employees.
You’ve tried talking to a worker about poor performance. But all your coaching, prodding and follow-up hasn’t accomplished much. Now’s the time for a one-page “pre-probationary” memo.
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