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In many meetings, everyone gets an agenda ahead of time, reads it and ignores it.

A listening test

by on May 1, 2000 6:00pm
in Leaders & Managers

A test to assess how well you listen
You already know that in job interviews you should ask candidates to share how they handled a bad situation. But go further.
How to deal with an incessant bragger
How to deal with a boss who is baiting you.
If your team readily reaches consensus on a tough issue, that’s a bad sign.
An interview with Robert Eaton, the former CEO of Chrysler and co-chairman of the merged DaimlerChrysler
Preparing for a strategic planning meeting? Think SWOT: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
A boss praises you for a job well done. As much as you may want to prolong the moment, don’t.
Many business coaches are high-priced consultants. Save the money by turning your staffers into coaches.