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Before sending out financial exhibits or reports, ask three employees to proofread your document.

Apply a little heat

by on April 1, 2000 3:30pm
in Leaders & Managers

Always challenge the amount of time people claim they need to develop a new product or implement a new policy.
Many readers tell us they’re spending more time managing diverse teams.
Help teammates learn the ground rules of tolerance, cooperation and equality.
When you can’t afford outside training or fear it would be a waste, train in-house.
On Michael Jarrard's first day back to work at United Parcel Service (UPS) after six weeks of leave for psychiatric care, his supervisor gave him a harsh 20-page ...
If you were stunned when a jury awarded $26.6 million to Jerold Mackenzie for wrongful discharge after he was fired for discussing a sexual innuendo ...
Elizabeth Bellaver, a manager at a manufacturing plant, consistently earned excellent job evaluations. But her supervisor noted problems with her ...
In my ideal world, I could order people around, period.  Back to reality.
Here’s how to get the credit that’s rightfully yours the next time around.