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People tend to remember what they see, not what they hear. That’s why you should lace your presentations with appealing graphics.
Most management books say you should model the behavior you want from your employees. That’s good advice—sometimes.
Here’s an easy way to tell if your résumé works for or against you. Look at the headings. Your “Qualifications” and “Accomplishments” sections should stand out. These are the two make-or-break elements.
Getting ahead requires getting attention. But trying too hard to trumpet your greatness can backfire. Walk a fine line by quietly promoting yourself: Serve as a press contact.
Invite all employees to attend brainstorming or problem-solving meetings.

Save the hard sell

by on February 1, 2000 6:00pm
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You're constantly trying to get employees to buy in.  Lately, they aren't.
Nothing irritates a CEO more than a manager who adopts a this-is-your-problem-not-mine tone.
When you’re in charge, some people may want to topple you. They may resent you, think you’re incompetent, disagree with you or be so jealous that they’ll sabotage you.

In the right place

by on February 1, 2000 5:30pm
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An interview with Dave Hannah, president and CEO of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., one of the nation's largest metal service firms.
Many managers resist delegating work. Here are the questions we hear most often: Is it enough to delegate spot tasks? Or should I delegate ongoing assignments? It’s not an either-or proposition. Do both.