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Leaders & Managers

From the nitty gritty of daily management to addressing your aspirations of leadership, this section for leaders & managers tells you how to make strong leadership decisions, build effective teams, delegate and stay above the everyday management muddle.

Get tips, strategies, tool and advice on: performance reviews, preventing workplace violence, best-practices leadership, team building, leadership skills, people management and management training.

How do you exude confidence if you’re not feeling it? Top business execs say to fake it.
My job as a boss is to tell him what is important and then let him figure out how to get it done. I’m amazed that people will waste my time asking me to prioritize for them.
The best way to manage stress is to separate what you can and can’t control.
How to respond to several scenarios involving uncomfortable confrontations in the workplace
When employees come to you with problems and expect instant answers, make them work through to a solution.
Dealing with a chatterbox
When reprimanding someone, start by explaining the long-term benefit.
Before sending out financial exhibits or reports, ask three employees to proofread your document.

Apply a little heat

by on April 1, 2000 3:30pm
in Leaders & Managers

Always challenge the amount of time people claim they need to develop a new product or implement a new policy.
Many readers tell us they’re spending more time managing diverse teams.