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To lift a staffer’s performance, follow the SAVE method.
When employees face a serious problem, you want them to open up to you. But what you do is almost as important as what you say.

Freeze when you listen

by on January 1, 2001 4:00pm
in Leaders & Managers

I tend to show impatience too easily when someone’s talking. I start frowning, wiggling my foot, shaking my head. How can I stop that?
Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you must bear the sole burden for motivating your employees.
Climbing the ranks of the $100 million Douglas Battery Co., Frank McNair mastered the art of management.
More employees are asking to split a full-time position. This trend may put you in a bind: You want to accommodate workers, but you must maintain productivity.

If you’re planning to give a speech, don’t assume you must open with a joke. If it flops, your confidence will deflate faster than a burst balloon.

If you run a project team and a new member comes aboard midstream, provide a past-present-future overview.
As you watch the new president take office, you may think, “Why not me?”
How to get around an awful workmate.