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From the nitty gritty of daily management to addressing your aspirations of leadership, this section for leaders & managers tells you how to make strong leadership decisions, build effective teams, delegate and stay above the everyday management muddle.

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Issue: As the work force ages, more employees are suffering age-related injuries that appear to be work related.
Risk: You may wind up paying, in insurance and workers' comp costs, ...
You may dread confronting employees face to face about performance issues. But employees are far more likely to accept your critique and commit to improvement if you present those problems in a fair, concrete and “problem-solving” manner. Use these six tips as a framework to guide your discussion: 1. Describe the problem in specific, nonjudgmental […]
Use quick “Got a second?” chats on the fly, rather than lengthy meetings, to stay on top of things.
Determine whether the people you’re considering promoting are ready to break with their current jobs
Resist the temptation to dismiss people with one-word labels
Gain a new perspective on how your organization really operates
The more you know about the people you lead, the better leader you’re apt to be. Take out a sheet of paper, and answer the following questions about each person who reports to you:
“Leadership is not magnetic personality,” says management guru Peter Drucker.
Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo overshadows what is perhaps his biggest leadership gaffe.
Alexander the Great was a motivational genius and maybe the greatest leader of all time. He knew the names of 10,000 soldiers. He ate, slept and marched with them, choosing to sleep cold and eat little. Yet, even the great Alexander couldn’t push his people too far.
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