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During a merger or acquisition, senior executives typically huddle behind closed doors trying to produce synergy in the combined company. Meanwhile, front-line managers try to keep good employees from quitting, while promoting teamwork among shellshocked workers.
Prompted by the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, many managers have changed their organization’s policies—from new security measures to data backup procedures and disaster recovery plans.
Twenty former Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) employees won back overtime pay when they sued under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The workers successfully argued that they were wrongly classified as exempt ...
The Illinois toll authority settled Robert Merheb's discrimination charge by giving him a new job. The agreement also said that if Merheb committed any infraction, the employer would follow its progressive ...
Whether you have a work force of three or 3,000, any time you let a worker use your e-mail or Internet service, you're putting your company at risk for lawsuits and ...
Fight mild insubordination with frequent reviews.
Instill collaboration, not competition, among your staff.
My boss’ standards are way too low. She’s lax and far too accepting of average work—by myself and other managers.
Pam woke up in a sweat. She dreaded having to call Angela into her office later that day to say, “Your work is sloppy. Your mistakes cost us money. You need to improve or find another job.”
My co-worker constantly lends me CDs of his favorite bands. I don’t like them, but I try to be nice and listen anyway.