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Real estate titan Sam Zell has no patience for how business schools teach leadership. He’s candid about how they’re always “canonizing” empirical tools but drop the ball on people skills.
During France’s recent riots, one political figure stood out from the mob: Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.
You and new Chief Justice John Roberts could probably both learn a lot from the long history of what it takes to lead the U.S. Supreme Court … or any team of unusually independent prima donnas, for that matter.
All the leaders at your organization need to make good decisions. But they also need to adopt a “performance anatomy” that puts those decisions into action. That means being adept at five critical tasks:
Both the New Orleans levee break after Hurricane Katrina and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 were predictable surprises. That is, they were disasters that could have been prevented. Here are the traits of predictable surprises (with Sept. 11 and Katrina examples), and the steps you can take to keep them from happening:
Sure, leaders are steady and dependable. But they also know the power of doing surprising things when their gut tells them to. Some unexpected actions that yield results:
If leadership were a stool, here are the four legs Huntsman Chemical Co. Founder Jon Huntsman says would support it:
Use this checklist to recover from a failure and keep moving forward:
Many people confuse leaders’ confidence with self-confidence. In fact, what’s important about leaders is whether they have confidence in other people. Here are Harvard business professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s three cornerstones of confidence:
Ideas are a dime a dozen. Leading a business requires creating insights: the kind of underlying concepts that launch a thousand ideas. Take the New York Miracle, an advertising insight ginned up by Phil Dusenberry and his ad team at BBDO to bring people back to New York City after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
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