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From the nitty gritty of daily management to addressing your aspirations of leadership, this section for leaders & managers tells you how to make strong leadership decisions, build effective teams, delegate and stay above the everyday management muddle.

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Somebody who’s shown no creative spark in 20 years is not going to light up after a seminar. Instead, says Transmeta founder and Bell Labs alumnus Dave Ditzel, you need talent spotters.
One of the greatest orators of the 20th century focused on his audience’s viewpoint, used rat-a-tat repetition, then switched tone to add power to his speeches. In March 1968, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. addressed a church full of striking black sanitation workers in Memphis after police had attacked them with truncheons and mace. Study these examples for some basic training on improving your delivery:
Everyone solves problems differently, but experts feel most of us share cer­tain problem-solving styles. Take this quiz and gain some insight into how you approach the challenges you face at work.
Here are some ideas to curb unnecessary absenteeism.
While business ethics have become a watchword of this decade, many enterprises still haven't gotten around to establishing ethical guidelines—or helping managers understand how to apply them day to day.
If your small business operates more than one vehicle, chances are that you now (or will eventually) spend too much time managing the related maintenance and paperwork. An increasingly smart solution: Look into fleet-management services, which are no longer just for big businesses thanks to technology advances.
Ending an informal partnership is simple because there is no official entity to dissolve.
What do you do with company vehicles coming off their leases? Many employers now sell them to employees, a move that’s trending upward thanks to some attractive financial benefits and a new breed of technology to help manage the process.
Do you own a personal home that you rent out most of the year? If so, you can deduct expenses attributable to the rental property, including depreciation, maintenance, mortgage interest, property taxes and insurance.
Mastering the art of gratitude, said the stoic Roman philosopher Seneca, is the most important leadership skill. Here’s what he meant:
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