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Spare yourself the frustration of trying to “quick-fix” negative forces beyond your control
Ensure the success of your next presentation with these three keys:
Reward a job well done with more interesting work
Cement group decisions by asking your team this one question:
Even if you earned every bit of what you’ve achieved, you’ll win over more followers and avoid any taint of arrogance if you show gratitude. Take Don Cooper, pitching coach for the Chicago White Sox and the man perhaps most responsible for leading this team of castoffs into last fall’s World Series.
As an Arizona state senator in 1971, Sandra Day O’Connor began her campaign to have a woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. O’Connor had to decide which social conventions to keep and which to toss. She decided to keep wearing dresses, but here are two “rules” she flouted:
Someone once advised Marcy Blochowiak, head of the Georgia-based financial services marketing firm World Financial Group, that she would have to lead herself before she could lead others. “Leader of one, leader of many,” Blochowiak remembers the rhyme. “If you can’t lead one, you can’t lead any.”
Brazilian equipment supplier Semco has grown an average 27.5 percent a year for 14 years, despite wild fluctuations in Brazil’s economy. The reason: Semco’s radical use of participative management. Of the employees’ 3,000 votes, CEO Ricardo Semler gets only one.
You can’t make a sound decision when you’re juggling lots of activities at the same time, says innovation consultant Luda Kopeikina. Instead, you need to reach the same kind of “clarity state” that top athletes reach in competition. To get there, these four factors should be working for you:
People micromanage because they’re afraid. They’re scared about competition, finances, succession, lawsuits, you name it. Uncertainty poses a threat, fear kicks in, and then it’s way too easy to jump in and seize control.
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