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Here’s a winning formula from a turnaround specialist: Stick to what you are. Nobody wants a Mattel pacemaker or Ford frozen pizzas.
New York Yankees manager Joe Torre leads a far more diverse and ego-driven team than most of us ever will. Yet, Torre’s team wins repeatedly, thanks to these four “rules of straight communication” he has developed over the years:
Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner is one of those “connector” people.
As master of an astonishing range of roles on stage and screen, Hugh Jackman seems to have conquered his world. But Jackman—the owner of roles as diverse as flitty song & dance guy Peter Allen in Broadway’s “The Boy From Oz” and macho superhero “Wolverine” in the blockbuster “XMen” movie series—never would have succeeded if he’d bowed to his fears.
The award-winning Orpheus Chamber Orchestra performs without a conductor, which seems like an argument against hierarchical leadership. But let’s examine some pros and cons.
The late Jesse Helms, a former senator from North Carolina, was known as a tough sell when it came to foreign aid. That is, until rock icon Bono showed up.
Distinguished military leaders possess central traits, said the notable Prussian military philosopher Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831). A close look shows that they’re still essential today.
Effective leaders reach into their organizations and departments to identify future leaders. The problem is, zeroing in on a handful of promising people makes still-to-be-recognized people feel overlooked and undervalued. You can keep that from happening, with these strategies:
Filmmaker Spike Lee’s career shows the basic elements every leader needs. Here’s what we mean:
John McGraw, fierce third baseman of the 1896 Baltimore Orioles who’d already led his baseball team to two pennants, drove the club through force of will … his will to win. So, when McGraw came down with typhoid fever, things started looking grim for Baltimore.
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