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Even those who wind up on the leading edge may not start out perfectly.
New research shows that dishonesty hurts the bottom line much more than anybody thought, and leaders who teach or allow dishonest tactics will suffer the consequences.
You charge through busy days, weeks and months, tackling one big project after another. But what about the important things you never get around to? The big ones you keep setting aside?
Former DuPont Chairman Ed Woolard asked workers this question when he visited them on the production line:

The managers you supervise who miss deadlines, question your authority, forget assignments or snipe are behaving the same way toward the people who report to them.
After your team completes a complex project, have everyone involved submit a summary of the details.
Leaders aren’t born. A single, transforming experience can make them. Craig Venter, the man who raced the government to a tie in mapping the human genome, started out as a beach bum … until Uncle Sam drafted him and sent him to Vietnam.
Former Pepsi executive Michael Feiner offers a workable definition of the difference between management and leadership.

Lining up your pro

by on September 1, 2004 3:30am
in Leaders & Managers

You don’t have to break the bank to bring in a golf pro.
In many ways, Savion Glover, the tap-dancing kid on “Sesame Street” who grew up to become king of tap, is showing how a leader comes into his own.