Leadership Skills

Don’t just be a boss — be a leader. Maximize your leadership skills in the five most crucial areas: decision making, executive coaching, leadership training, strategic management and understanding your leadership style.

Situational leadership changes depending on the type of leadership (direction and support) each of your employee’s needs. Emotional leadership is based more on the theory of emotional intelligences and relates to the situation at hand.
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Take Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Wilson's advice on how to put your ego in check.
Many companies design succession plans so they can spot the next generation of leaders early and develop current employees to their full potential. But if everyone tapped for special treatment comes from the same race or gender—or the chosen group excludes older workers or the disabled—employers may find themselves facing discrimination litigation ...
Reason: Identity fraud is rising fastest in rural areas of the Midwest and West, according to a new report by ID Analytics.
Bill George, CEO of Medtronic, learned a critical but often overlooked truth about leadership: Holding people accountable drives success.
It's tempting to hide a costly error, but good managers know that the most serious harm rarely results from the mistake itself, but by the subsequent denial or cover up.
Perhaps you've heard the term "servant leadership." By serving your employees, you enhance your stature.
Martin guitars have come to symbolize more than just Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton. They stand for good craftsmanship, quality standards and the 300 steps it takes to build them.
One of the dangers of managing people is the ease with which you can rely on them as your eyes and ears in the workplace. Whenever possible, couple your interpretation of employees' comments with firsthand fact-gathering.

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Big companies are like living laboratories for small firms: Watch them closely and you can learn much from their trials and triumphs.
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