Leadership Skills

Don’t just be a boss — be a leader. Maximize your leadership skills in the five most crucial areas: decision making, executive coaching, leadership training, strategic management and understanding your leadership style.

Situational leadership changes depending on the type of leadership (direction and support) each of your employee’s needs. Emotional leadership is based more on the theory of emotional intelligences and relates to the situation at hand.
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Many leaders have overcome hard knocks and used those experiences to give meaning to their lives. Leadership starts with understanding your own life story, then testing yourself through experience and reframing the story. “Authentic leaders” use feedback that grounds them, guides them and helps reinforce their dedication to a mission.
Recounting stories around the company campfire is a big deal in corporate culture these days.
When intuition tells you that someone is upset, don’t dismiss your hunch.
Motivation comes in three flavors: power, affiliation and achievement. So do bosses.
As the manager of a successful retail outlet, your company introduced an upsell approach to increase sales. One of your most experienced employees just can't get the hang of the new strategy.
It's tempting not to bother with planning, but there are plenty of good reasons to plan, even when you're "sure" it won't do any good.
So here's the latest flap from City Hall in the city where I live.
Do you make it a habit to go that extra step and do what’s important, not merely what’s asked of you?

Only 23% of execs say HR plays a key role in shaping company strategy and affecting operating results, says a new Deloitte survey. The key for you: “Pick a project that impresses executives, impacts the bottom line and makes good use of your time,” says Dave Ulrich, co-founder of the RBL Group and a University of Michigan business professor ...

Nothing livens up the dog days of summer like a good book.
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