Best-Practices Leadership

A leader in an organization can’t do everyone’s job. Instead of micromanaging, strong leaders use organizational leadership to coordinate, communicate, motivate and delegate among employees and team members. For comprehensive organizational effectiveness, each individual needs to be seen as a contributor, with the leader at the helm.

Most importantly, best-practices leadership involves keeping employees motivated throughout the process, adapting your scope or strategy as necessary, and developing an effective communication strategy.

Some people never make it to the other side because they’re more successful at being doers. This is a crucial point in determining if you’re going to move up the ranks.

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It might be a premature, but we’re going to venture a guess that Ohio State University’s freshman basketball star, Greg Oden, will be the top pick in the NBA draft this June.
Big American companies rank as the best in the world at training new leaders, a new survey reveals, but certain practices once touted as great leadership training only waste time and money.
Retired U.S. Army Gen. William A. Cohen wants you to know that you can learn to lead.
One day, Southwest Airlines marketer Lorraine Grubbs-West was told to go home early and have her sons and husband dressed and ready to go by 3 p.m.
Leaders need to find their center, says Leading at a Higher Level author Ken Blanchard. Answering these seven questions can help:
Twelve years ago, Fred Sturdivant supervised Mark Johnson, a shooting star who’d become a senior vice president by age 29. After the young man left for an executive job at a tech firm, married and started a family, the two men stayed in touch.
Renetta McCann, CEO of the marketing and advertising giant Starcom MediaVest Group, warns women to be prepared for isolation and loneliness when reaching a position of leadership.
With about 10 percent of professors at top U.S. business schools now hailing from India, a new, Eastern feeling has started wafting through the American marketplace.
The leadership styles of college basketball coaches Bobby “The General” Knight and Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski couldn’t be further apart.
It’s something you’d use only rarely, but asking for a vote of confidence is one arrow in your quiver of leadership tactics.
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