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New Castle-based pipe fitting manufacturer EZEFLOW USA has agreed to pay $65,000 to settle a disability discrimination suit filed by a former marine who had requested six weeks of unpaid leave to treat seizures resulting from his service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Federal government employees who want to bring discrimination and harassment charges must complain to their agency’s equal employment opportunity officer within 45 days of the alleged event. However, when it comes to so-called continual violations, even one incident occurring within that 45-day period will bring earlier incidents into play.
Has your workplace experienced an increase in theft? If so, you’re probably exploring loss-prevention measures. While you assess your options, make sure you don’t crack down on employees in ways that will land you in court.
Financial incentives are a crucial factor in bringing unhealthy workers into workplace wellness programs, according to a new analysis by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

One of the worst things a supervisor can do is to tell an employee being discharged for poor attendance that the reason she’s unreliable is because she has children. At best, such a comment may trigger a claim of caretaker discrimination. At worst—especially if absences are to care for a disabled child—the comments can mean an ADA lawsuit based on association discrimination.

To prevent violence at work, many employers prohibit even indirect threats. That’s perfectly legal.
Most workers are satisfied with the health benefits they have now, but nearly a third are interested in changing the mix of benefits and wages they receive, according to a new survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.
Gov. Tom Wolf has asked the legislature to send him a bill providing protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.
Courts don’t like conflicting reasons for termination, or confusion over who made the decision. They want to know exactly who decided the employee should be terminated and why. Create a clear who-and-why record before you fire.
Two valued employees apply for a promotion. Both show promise, but one employee simply outshines the other. How do you break the news to the employee you aren’t promoting without demoralizing him or her?
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