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In some situations, you may be able to get a court to issue a “no more lawsuits” order. It’s not easy, though.
When planning a reduction in force, you can offer different employees different severance payments—as long as it’s based on a nondiscriminatory reason, such as length of service.
Remind employees that attempting to access computer records after they terminate employment may land them in prison—even if they do so with the willing assistance of a current employee.
Beyond its obvious emotional impact, an employee’s death almost always leaves unfinished business for HR and payroll to handle.
When transfer requests are routine, refusing one may be retaliation. Recent case: Corene, a teacher, said her performance evaluation was biased. She complained internally and filed a discrimination complaint. Shortly after, her request for a transfer to another school was rejected. She sued, adding retaliation to her complaint. The lower court dismissed her lawsuit, but […]
If you learn a manager made an age-related comment, don’t panic. Context is everything.  An obvious discriminatory statement— “I am terminating you because you are old”—is one thing. However, a general comment—for example, about the advantages of accepting a retirement package as an older employee—probably isn’t biased.
When employees approach retirement, they sometimes go on autopilot. They may think there’s no way their employer will fire them at their age, assuming management will fear an age discrimination lawsuit. Such sudden drops in productivity can frustrate everyone involved, including co-workers and supervisors.
If you don’t have a policy that governs workplace gaming, now is a good time to establish one.

Q. I am in the process of interviewing candidates for an administrative position. This person would work very closely with me, and I need to trust him or her completely. Can I bring in a polygraph expert and use lie detector tests during the final interviews?

If you use an arbitration clause to cut down on expensive litigation, make sure your attorneys know as soon as an employee sues. Otherwise, you may end up waiving your right to compel arbitration.
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