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Forty-five percent of employers that impose health care surcharges on their employees who use tobacco say smoking in the workplace decreased since the policy was implemented, according to a new Society for Human Resource Management survey.
Employers have the right to set reasonable behavioral expectations for employees. This, of course, includes expecting that employees won’t sexually, or otherwise, harass employees. Feel free to make your anti-harassment policy as strict as you want.
Proposed rules issued Feb. 25 would require federal contractors to provide paid sick leave benefits.
Not every hiring decision has to be based strictly on objective qualifications. Some jobs require special talents that are inherently subjective.
Here's your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.
If all you do with your handbook is bestow it on new employees on their first day, you’re not taking full advantage of it.
Sometimes, workplace harassment can be so oppressive that an employee takes his own life. In some circumstances, those responsible for maintaining a workplace free of retaliation and harassment can be held liable for such a tragedy.
If you’ve put off planning for the big overtime law changes, it’s time to take action. The final version of the DOL's revisions to the white-collar exemption rules will be released in July.
Lest there be any doubt that employers are ultimately responsible for keeping confidential information under wraps, consider the case of the University of Rochester Medical Center. It is now paying for a security breach that was entirely preventable.

Q. With the upcoming presidential elections, conversation among our employees has increased concerning the candidates and their positions on certain issues. I overheard an employee supporting Donald Trump, a candidate who goes against all of my core beliefs. Can I tell him that any employee of mine cannot support Trump?

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